About Us


STERCORAT  has realized the project of building a new site for the production of Stercosul® - liquid fertiliser based on ATS (Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution) in Slovakia.

In cooperation with SLOVNAFT a.s. and using unique refinery off-gas processing technology, we operate ATS production with annual capacity up to 30,000 tons.

SLOVNAFT a.s., member of MOL Group, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, is a refinery with a processing capacity of 5.5 - 6 million tons of crude oil annually. The company’s core business includes production, warehousing, wholesale, retail sales and distribution. SLOVNAFT operates the largest retail network in Slovakia offering top quality motor fuels and lubricants and also provides other customer focused services such as shops, gastro services, car washing as well as many others.

Our technology is sustainable and environmentally friendly - technology brings a significant reduction of SO2 emissions compared to a conventional sulfur recovery unit and helps to improve the environmental footprint of oil refining.

Our production capacity of up to 30,000 MT per year and the large storage capacity up to 10,000m3 make us highly flexible and a very reliable partner.